About us

Welcome to Bitcoinics - We are the largest Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency educational platform in Africa & your best eCurrency exchange platform


Our  Mission :

Is to make sure you can wake up every moring without fear of changes or Closed doors. We know how it feels like to be used and left out in the cold with no answers. We want to be your  Hero in the Best possible way we can. And that is By assuring you we will be here for atleast a year or more.

We follow the trends on bitcoin, and only trade on safe bets. That means selling at a high price, and buying when we see the Big drops!


Our Vision:

Is NOT to fail like Gladiacoin and so many others. Our website and software is unique, totally built from scratch. We are here to give back what the others have taken away from you.

Together we will be the strongest and Best Bitcoin Investment platform seen in a very long time. adasdasd